If you want to organize an amazing Halloween party, read this post and discover 5 technology uses for an unforgettable Halloween party.

The scariest party of the year is here and it is celebrated on October 31st: a day before All Saints’ Day Celebration.

If you are a Halloween event organizer and you are worried about not having good ideas, you just found what you needed, so stay tuned because here are some tips to make the most of your party.

Techie Halloween 

  • Smart Lighting: Good lighting is one of the keys to make your party really scary to people, and especially if you have control of the light at all times.

  • Drones: Yes, we know they are for recording, but…..what if you dress them up? A very good idea is to disguise them as ghosts so that the attendees shiver with fear when they see their movement.

  • Smart Stickers: Yes, as you hear it – remember the famous traffic light party? Do the same for your attendees but this time the stickers will be luminescent and smart. These stickers are contactless and will have an NFC chip inside that contains information about each of the attendees, so they can exchange information with each other.

  • Contactless Payment Solutions: This day is also known as the day of the crowds. It facilitates payment for attendees to avoid queues at the bar, thus avoiding unnecessary crowds. Payments can be made through the same contactless stickers.

  • Social networks: Through contactless stickers, which will be seen later, attendees will be able to add themselves to their respective social networks, just by bringing their cell phone close to them.

With these 5 uses of technology for an unforgettable Halloween and, above all, a Halloween that is different from the rest, we are waiting for you at www.bracelit.es or write to us at [email protected] !