We are already in the middle of summer and the best way to fight the heat, enjoy the weather and be in good company, are beach bars. All along the peninsula coast you can find loads of them, for all tastes: relaxing, fun, lookout points… Below we have made a selection of the 5 best beach bars in Spain.

Enjoy this summer at:


Located in Tarifa, on the Valdevaqueros beach. If you are passionate about water sports and like to party this is your ideal beach bar. Good music, good atmosphere and great sunsets you can’t miss at this awesome place.


Sajorami beach

For those who like decoration and relaxing spaces, this is your ideal place. It is located in one of the most wonderful beaches of Cadiz, specifically the Zahora beach… Have you been there?

Bibo Beach House

If you are a food lover and want to delight your palate in a space surrounded by the smell of sea and nature, this is your perfect spot. Are you going to Tarifa and don’t know how to surf? Don’t worry! After visiting Bibo Beach house, you can take some lessons at the Bibo surf school.

El Beso Beach

There is no summer without Beso, or at least that’s what they say! Here, fun is guaranteed. A place where gastronomy, relaxation and good atmosphere combine perfectly. Discover the power of the Salinas on the magnificent white island of Ibiza.

The best of all is in…

If you have come this far we are going to tell you a secret of why the best beach bar is located on the beach of Benamor, specifically in Guardamar del Segura.

Which one could it be?

Yes, it is WAIKIRI BEACH. It is considered the best due to one thing that separates it from the rest.

Today, order management in beach bars is often a bit disorganized. A great solution to this are our contactless wristbands. They are, for sure, the new trend: the number of uses they can be put to are infinite. Long live practicality and sharpness!

At Bracelit we make the difficult easy, with our management system, you will be able to:

  • Streamline orders due to customers being able to order directly from the table, saving time for the waiter.
  • Your customers will wear your beach bar bracelet, being loyal to it.
  • Use this tool to send notifications and special offers to your most VIP customers, make them loyal!

Summer has begun with Bracelit right next to you!

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