How to manage a group trip? Easy!

We all love to travel and we know it. Planning a trip the right way, makes you enjoy the experience much more. The energy in the room is frantic when everyone is talking at the same time about taking a trip with friends. Traveling is all well and good, but we all know that traveling in a group is a lot more fun. Imagine all the fun you can have exploring that new destination but with travelers with similar tastes to you. Traveling with a group makes your experience better and you can create new bonds of friendship. We want to talk about group travel management, so we ask the question: How to manage a group trip?

Organizing groups of travelers is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning, organization and above all having good communication with your travelers. Organizing school trips, trips with friends through any agency, festivals, trips with seniors, erasmus…etc, we want to give you some advice if you are an organizer so you don’t miss anything.

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Tips on how to manage a group trip in the right way:

  • Plan ahead:

    When you have a group with many interests, the variants to take into account are endless. It is always good to start asking interests in advance, in order to find a place with attractions and places for everyone. The earlier you start choosing the place, the better the chances of finding the perfect place.

  • Decide as a group but always with a leader: Once the group has decided on a trip, it is imperative that everyone agrees on the itinerary. For this, there are many things to decide: location, dates, activities, hotels, etc.
  • Be clear about the budget: It is very important to decide on a maximum budget for hotels so that no one has any surprises. A good idea to have is to make a pot of money for group expenses like when going to the supermarket.
  • Booking the destination: The price of flights or trains can change drastically over time. The first thing to do is, book the tickets as they can get very expensive and even sell out. The earlier you buy them, the better prices you can get.
  • Decide and book activities: Now comes the fun part – deciding on the activities! Search Tripadvisor for the top activities in your destination and book them. Remember not to be too ambitious with the activities and put one at every hour of the day every day. As a group, you will need time to rest.

Remember that, if you don’t want to complicate your travel arrangements, you can opt for a good travel agency to manage your entire trip for you.

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Travel agencies like Viajes El Corte Inglés, are dedicated to making life easy for travelers and planning for you. Just set up a meeting to discuss your travel ideas and they will find the perfect place with great prices, and since the agencies have a lot of experience in this, they often have special prices that no one knows about. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Bracelit, the technology for group travel management.


Did you know that our Bracelit system can also be used for group travel?

If you are in the group travel industry, our system can be very useful. What many do not know is that Bracelit is also a travel management tool that allows you to know in an agile way the data of travelers. This can be adaptable to children or adults. For example, our system provides the data of children on the trip, where parents can see from an app all the activities and consumption of their children. It also serves as a method of identification of people, so it will allow you to know the data of each traveler (allergies, name, age, activities they have purchased in their package, fees to be paid, etc). In addition, you will be able to list the activities performed by each user.

The agencies that hire us enjoy the simplicity of the Bracelit system, which offers a secure way to make payments, avoiding contact with physical money, minimizing the possibility of theft. To recharge, you will not need to carry cash with you either.

If you want more information about our system send an email to [email protected] or click on And remember, we adapt to you.

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