Cartier is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer belonging to the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont.

Event Date

From May 29 to June 20, 2021

What was the event about?

  • An exhibition at the Casa de Vacas, located in the Retiro Park, which lasted three weeks.

  • Madrid has been the first city to host the Pavilion of Design, a unique journey through the most relevant designs of the entire Cartier house. The wonderful exhibition has lasted 3 weeks in the Casa de Vacas, located in the Retiro Park.
  • Those who have had the privilege of attending this unique, free, and experimental tour in a totally innovative space, have been fortunate to be able to live closely the most emblematic works of Cartier, some as the Love bracelet of the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, or the Nail bracelet, designed by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier New York 1971. Many other celebrities have wanted to transmit what for them are these unique pieces of the House of Cartier in their lives.

Improving the experience with Bracelit

Faced with an immediate need for contactless solutions, Bracelit manufactured 40,000 customized wristbands, which allowed attendees to see the movements of the Pavilion of Design exhibition. Visitors have been able to contemplate, and see first hand, the 7 exquisite, versatile and elegant designs.

With this, it has been achieved: to bring Cartier to all audiences, in addition to using an innovative and secure form of access control, in these more traditional events.

In conclusion

During this fantastic 3-week exhibition, Bracelit realized contactless solutions with 40,000 personalized wristbands. This also included a management platform that allowed to see the movements of the attendees in the Pavilion of Design exhibition.

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