Isla Mayor’s Fair: La Pulse

Date of the event

June 22nd to 26th, 2022

What was the event about?

The Isla Mayor Fair is a highly anticipated event in Seville. The gastronomy at this fair is one of the highlights. For example, rice and crab are some of the most demanded delicacies.

The fair begins on a Wednesday at eleven o’clock at night with the “alumbrao”. There are many special activities such as the foam party and the running of two fire bulls. These are carried through the fairgrounds in the early hours of Sunday to Monday, after the closing fireworks ceremony. The people of Isla Mayor look forward to this event all year round to enjoy all the attractions either with family or friends.

Enhancing the experience with Bracelit

The Isla Mayor Fair brings back fond memories as it was here that we introduced La Pulse. La Pulse by Bracelit is an exclusive brand for fairs in Spain that offers cashless payments to casetas. At the Isla Mayor Fair, La Pulse, with the Bracelit system, offered attendees the option of recharging the bracelet online to purchase drinks. In this way, the form of payment is much simpler and thus avoid the long queues that a fair usually generates.

On the other hand, among the advantages of the caseteros, the real time control of the cash flow stands out, as well as the possibility of controlling the accesses and the capacity of the booth at all times.

In conclusion

La Pulse helped more than 6,000 attendees during the Isla Mayor Fair in Seville. Together with our personalized wristbands “La Pulse”, we have made it easy for attendees to recharge their cashless wristbands with money or products from their cell phones. This way, attendees don’t have to worry about paying in cash and standing in long lines to get a ticket at the box office, they only have to worry about enjoying themselves!

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