After years of experience in this sector, we give you some tips on how to take your event to the next level. One of the biggest secrets, unknown to most, is marketing and communication. Do you want your event to be a success?

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We know firsthand that the organization of an event requires definition, planning and excellent organization. We remind you that an event does not last only one day, but has several phases: the pre-event, the event itself and the post-event. It is essential to take all of them into account, and now we will see why.

How to make the best communication of my event

We have years of experience improving the organization and management of events through the latest technology. This allows us to offer you several advantages to cover all the needs of your marketing and communication strategy, so you don’t have to worry about anything:

  • Cashless / contactless wristbands: Wearables will allow you to improve the attendees’ experience and promote your brand through the customizations we offer. In addition to its multiple functionalities, it is a marketing tool that creates post-event user recall.

  • Push notifications: In your event you can keep all attendees and staff informed of everything at any time. Our system allows you to send push notifications or emails to both attendees and staff. Each notification is personalized and can be sent in a segmented way (age, gender, tastes, etc.). Through them, you can be reminded of pre-, during and post-event offers. Through wearables, you achieve greater brand awareness, as well as awareness of your products and services.
  • Relevant data: Our Bracelit system allows you to obtain data and insights, which will allow you to improve the engagement of all attendees.
  • CRM: Our system allows you to obtain the data of the attendees or users who attend the event. In this way, you can access at all times to the record of all users attending the event. This information is very useful because you can then use this data to perform certain marketing actions with our management system.

Benefits of using a Communication and Marketing Service

-Increase your brand awareness.

-Promote all your products and services in a more relevant way.

-Increase engagement with your customer

-360º communication of the whole event.

-Personalized promotions and products for the segment of users you want to reach

We are experts in improving attendee experience, optimizing management, and taking your communication and marketing to the next level.

Do you have an idea in mind? The Bracelit team can advise you to make that idea a reality. We look forward to hearing from you, we are waiting for you at or [email protected]