What is Bracelit’s secret formula?


Quality information is one of the ingredients of our secret formula. Moreover, all our customers are satisfied, as our system has helped them to increase profitability and improve the management of their business.

What is Bracelit’s secret formula?2022-03-08T11:04:54+00:00

How do you identify the attendees at an event and how do you control access?


Those attending the event will carry a contactless wristband, card or badge. These wearables contain an NFC chip, which is responsible for storing all the information. They can be used to identify each attendee and control access to and from the venue each time they pass through a reader.

How do you identify the attendees at an event and how do you control access?2022-03-08T11:07:10+00:00

Is it possible to pay in cash?


It is not necessary to pay in cash, but if the user wants, it is also possible to top up the bracelet with cash. They only have to go to a point to top up with credit, vouchers or offers. And the contactless wristbands or cards will be recharged by the corresponding person, depending on [...]

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How is personal data protected?


We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This document relates to natural persons in the processing of their personal data and the free movement of such data.

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Can contactless wristbands be reused?


It all depends on what the customer wants. We have different models, from wristbands that can be reused because of their fabric, water resistant, to wristbands or wooden cards. With wooden cards or bracelets we remind you that it is also possible to digitise your brand while taking care of the planet.

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Do you need more?


We know that every business has different needs. Therefore, describe each one and we will implement the solution to meet each of those needs.

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How do we work at Bracelit?


Remember that we always adapt to you, let us know your needs. Bracelit will make the difficult easy and solve all the problems you may have throughout the event. Thanks to the versatility of our system, the solutions that can be provided are infinite, always adapted to each client.

How do we work at Bracelit?2022-03-08T11:11:30+00:00

What is the Bracelit system?


Bracelit is a technological and versatile solution aimed at managing spaces and consumption through contactless technology. A new concept that improves the user experience and maximises the profitability of your customers by obtaining real-time information. Bracelit is endorsed by the Bank of Spain and also allows public services and companies to connect with their customers [...]

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Does my business need Bracelit?


Bracelit is a comprehensive management system developed for all types of events, venue management, hotels, festivals, concerts, sports venues, trade fairs, leisure and tourism activities and many more. It allows you to monitor all kinds of variables, get to know workers and attendees much better, advertise brands with which you have previous agreements and encourage [...]

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