Málaga Fair 2022:


Technological innovation at fairs

The long awaited Malaga Fair will take place at the Malaga Fairgrounds from August 13 to 20.

This year, people from several provinces of Andalusia and even from all over Spain are expected. It is going to be a great success, because of the great welcome people can expect from the beginning

Although the fair is an element with a high traditional component, it is also adapting to the new times. There is a great variety of booths, people can find from a quiet atmosphere, to something more lively and even for people who like to enjoy the traditional “chatos”. This year, there will be a great technological innovation in the fair.

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Cashless payments at the Fair’s booths

The Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Jaen, Albacete, Almeria and Malaga fairs join the technological revolution. Despite how traditional a fair can be, Bracelit, with its most advanced technology, improves the management of each booth.

More than 40,000 users have used our bracelets in the different fairs to consume in a much more comfortable way. Through the system, more than 80,000 purchases have been managed.

Through this solution, the process is quite simple and fast. Electronic payments eliminate physical money and are highly secure.

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Benefits of cashless wristbands at fairs

Implementing payments with NFC wristbands brings multiple advantages for customers and booth promoters. On the one hand, the booth owner can record the data of everything that happens in his premises. In this way, he can know what his customers consume and when, controlling the peaks and favoring the possibility of optimizing resources. It also facilitates the work of the waiters, who will not have to waste time opening the cash register to collect payment.

Electronic transactions are more convenient for customers. Paying with a wristband is attractive and simple, which can increase consumption figures. For those who come to enjoy the fair, there is also no more waiting at the bars, since this process is speeded up thanks to the bracelet. In addition, they forget to take out their wallets at all times, which helps to improve security and avoid potential thefts in this type of venues, which tend to accumulate many people.

We are specialists in tourism and entertainment, culture and sports, congresses and corporate events. We also digitize all types of venues and much more.

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