Child safety at the beach with Bracelit

Children look forward to summer all year round, so they can forget about homework and enjoy the sun and their friends. In particular, the beach is certainly the place where children are the freest and happiest. Most people are not lucky enough to live near one, so it is normal for children to look forward to going, but many of them are not aware of the risks they may encounter.

Even if there are the most careful parents in the world, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risks of traveling with children – there are some things you simply can’t control! But, in order to reduce them, it is very important to plan every moment and be aware of them once they step on the sand. Many times, this will lead to exhaustion at the end of the day on the part of the parents but it will also show that the children have enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

As parents, the main risks you can run when taking children to the beach are:

  1. Risk of getting lost: Never but never lose sight of the children, whether in or out of the water. One minute they could be playing on the shore in the sand and the next minute they could be deep in the water.
  2. Unexpected water currents: Before choosing the beach you are going to, remember to check that they have lifeguard services. These beaches usually have personnel who are dedicated to having real time information about the state of the sea. Even so, we have all seen those people who, even though they see the flags in the sea, decide to go into the water. If you go with children, do not let them swim if the flag is red or yellow. There are bound to be strong internal currents and it can be a very dangerous situation for everyone.
  3. Very hot sand: This is especially tricky with children who have heat sensitive skin. During the hottest part of the day, the sand can get very hot. This could cause burns for the little ones, which is never pleasant.
  4. Rocky areas: The beach is a place to explore species and nature. Rocky areas are perfect for this as animals like to hide under rocks. However, it is highly recommended to wear proper footwear to avoid cuts on your feet.

As you can see, these are a few risks of going with the little ones to the beach. It is important to recognize that part of the safety of the attendees is the responsibility of the municipalities. The municipalities of the cities where the beaches are located must ensure the safety of families looking to enjoy a safe and fun summer.

Some municipalities are looking for technological solutions that allow them to know where children are with quick access to parents’ contacts.

Our hi-tech Bracelit system is a solution that allows to know the parents’ contacts in a fast way. By means of a bracelet that children will wear. It is not easy to remove and can get wet without any problem.

The identification bracelets for children have an information storage chip, with all the necessary information in case of an emergency. The lifeguards, civil protection, or people who work in connection with the municipality, by means of a PDA or cell phone can read the information of the parents to contact them instantly.

The chip inserted in the bracelet can store all kinds of information such as: allergens, parents’ contact details, photograph for identification of the child, name, etc. In addition, you can know where the child has been, since it records the coordinates at all times, as long as there has been a previous control.

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