Bracelit offers the most advanced technological solution for event management: ticketing, access control, cashless payments through RFID technology, marketing and CRM.

Secure cashless payment management for events and festivals

With our system you can manage cashless payments securely and quickly at your event. Bracelit is a comprehensive management system for all types of events: Tourism and entertainment, culture and sports, congresses and corporate events.

The event manager will be able to optimize decision making thanks to the data obtained through the management panel, controlling all movements of attendees and staff in real time. Also, attendees will avoid losses and theft of cash by using our wearables, as well as having the advantage of not having to wait in long lines to consume. Contactless wearables, in addition to serving as a ticket to the different concerts and festivals, work as a virtual wallet without the need for interpersonal contact. At the same time, these wearables can be customized and are a highly visible element that increases the impact of the brand.

Cashless payment service for events and festivals

With Bracelit, event attendees can forget about cash and all the associated problems with it, and enjoy cashless and contactless payments. Through our platform, users will be able to buy offers, vouchers or event promotions through NFC wristbands, cards or cell phones. The wearables can be recharged whenever the user wants, as many times as they want. In addition, these offers and promotions are customizable.

All payments are managed in an agile and secure way since Bracelit is endorsed by an electronic money institution of the Bank of Spain.

What are cashless payments for events and what are their benefits?

More specifically, contactless technology is implemented in personalized wearables, which contain an NFC chip that allows payments to be made. In addition, they have great advantages for attendees or users, as well as for event organizers.

Main benefits of the cashless payment system

The benefits of our system for event attendees:

  • Avoid long queues: With our system you can make the purchase of drinks through online payments.
  • Secure, agile payments: Payments through our wearables, which serve as a virtual wallet, are made conveniently and quickly. Apart from this, users can carry their tickets in them.
  • Unbeatable experience: The attendee will be able to have a superior experience with personalized notifications during the event.

The benefits of our system for event organizers:

  • Maximum security: Security is increased by knowing the live capacity, mapping venues and accessing the movements of users and staff.
  • Optimize decision making: the organizer can consult live all the activity of the event. This will allow him to optimize decision making, since it will be based on real data.
  • Cash control: The organizer will be able to consult live all the movements that take place in the event, as well as to have a control of the staff through the management panel.
  • Increase revenues and reduce expenses: Revenues are obtained before users consume.
  • Push notifications: Sending notifications to event attendees to communicate personalized offers or promotions before, during or after the event.

The services we offer will mean an evolution in the collection, management and analysis of data from your events, and therefore, an improvement of the attendee’s experience and the overall result of the event.

Access and capacity control service for events and festivals.

With our system you can control access and capacity in real-time, online or offline at your event.

The contactless wearables are customized for each concert or festival and work as an accreditation to enter the different venues without the need for interpersonal contact. Our system will allow you to perform a fast and effective access control.

Remember that you can get more information about access control by clicking here.

Our state-of-the-art cashless payment system

Bracelit, as a part of Wegow Technologies S.L., makes Wegow the most complete live music platform in the market, and one of the pioneers in betting on the future when organizing a musical event.

Bracelit has worked with major brands such as Cartier, Cupra, El Corte Inglés, Beefeater, Mahou, en Órbita, Granada Beer Festival, Emilio Moro, Tomavistas and many more! Offering a wide variety of solutions, which have proven to improve the experience of their clients, thanks to a greater control of material and human resources, allowing them to make and execute effective decisions about their business and events.

Pagos cashless con Bracelit

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