Portada ferias 2022

Attention everyone! Don’t miss out on some good sevillanas, it’s already fair time. Write down in your agenda the most popular Fairs of Andalusia in 2022. Little by little, we return to the normality we knew before 2019. COVID-19 cases are decreasing and with it, the possibilities of being together in events increases! As good Andalusians, we know that everyone is looking forward to a good fair. Fairs are great opportunities to promote the economy of cities. For example, in Seville alone, in 2017, more than 3.6 million people attended the April Fair, 20% more than the previous year.

Below, we are going to give you information about all the fairs that will be held in this great 2022, so that you do not miss a single one. Are you ready? How eager! do not miss the most popular fairs in Andalusia in 2022.

Andalusian Fairs 2022

This 2022 we have been more united in a face-to-face way, and the fairs will not be the exception. Make a note in your diary and keep an eye on the dates, and where to find more information about the most popular fairs in Andalusia in 2022:

April’s Fair in Seville ( May 1-7): Born in 1847 in the Prado de San Sebastian with 19 casetas, the Feria de Abril today has more than 1,000 casetas to visit. I’m looking forward to some good sevillanas at the Feria de Sevilla, my weapon. For more information, click here.

feria de se
Feria de Málaga

Malaga Fair (August 13-20): After not having celebrated a good fair for two years, Andalusians look forward to the Malaga Fair. It opens at midnight with fireworks on Saturday, August 13. Did you know that August 19 has to be among the days of celebration of the Malaga Fair? Since it commemorates the Reconquest of Malaga by the Catholic Monarchs. For more information, click here.

Corpus Christi Fair in Granada (June 6-14): The people of Granada are waiting impatiently for the alumbrao on Saturday June 11 at midnight. The Recinto Ferial is full of flamenco shows, casetas-discotheques… and what about the “cacharritos“? If you visit Graná for the fair, don’t forget to visit the Alhambra, the Royal Chapel or the Albaicín. For more information, click here.

Bracelit en las feri

Jerez de la Frontera Horse Fair (May 7-14): Focusing attention on the horses, at this fair you will see many purebred horses worthy of great admiration. The Horse Fair emerged in 1284 as a livestock market that evolved into the great festival it is today. To learn more about the booths that will be set up in the González de Hontoria park, click here.

Jaén Fair (October 8-18): Jaén, land of the olive tree, they say “that in this land one enters crying and leaves crying…” Why is that? Anyway, during these 8 days of the Fair, there is a wide program of cultural activities, concerts, attractions, etc. Were you going to miss it? Click here if you want to know more.

feria de Jaén

Cordoba Fair (May 21-28): This great fair is characterized by being free entry to their booths. Cordoba and its people are captivating, with that Andalusian art so characteristic of all Cordobeses and Cordobesas. Cordoba is the city of art, its people and its fair enchants. A great opportunity to learn more about the southern culture of Spain, if you want to know more click here and do not miss it.

Digital payments at fairs

And now you ask yourself, how can the Bracelit system be applied to fairs? Well, let us explain it to you. Thousands of attendees go to these fairs during the year and this means profit for the caseteros. But at the same time, it is difficult to be prepared for the agglomeration of people, which can cause significant profit leakage.

Bracelit is a solution to this problem. Our system proposes that attendees wear an electronic wristband that identifies them and serves as a virtual wallet to make cashless payments at the venue. In addition to this, the Bracelit system also offers:

– Increase consumption: Offering cashless payments to attendees helps increase sales. Paying with a wristband is so simple and agile that users will be encouraged to consume. They can recharge their device from their mobile with their own credit card. After this, they will only have to worry about enjoying themselves without taking out their wallet at every moment, avoiding ticket losses and saving the amount of queues that there are on certain occasions.

– Control the staff of each booth: We offer you a real-time management panel, where you can see all the business activity in real time, from any device. This allows you to improve the capacity of instant decision making based on real data.

– Maximum Security: In addition to all this, we will increase security at the event by knowing live capacity, mapping enclosures and accessing the movements of users and workers.

– No more unnecessary waiting: No more queuing at the bar. Everything is reduced to the gesture of bringing your wrist close to a mobile terminal. Redeeming the balance of a bracelet is a matter of seconds. There is no need to wait for change or to find your name on a never-ending list.

– Customize your own offers and bonuses: Increase user consumption by offering bonuses or offers through our app. Make your own marketing actions of the products you want to offer in your booth.

– Translate the application into more than 100 languages: The app is automatically translated into the language of the customer’s cell phone, making it easy to communicate with people from any country in the world. Foreign users will feel at home.

Bracelit is an optimal solution for events and venues where attendees can consume in the most comfortable way. If you want to attract your clientele and improve your numbers go to www.bracelit.es or contact us at [email protected] and join the digital payment revolution. Visit here all our services.

Remember that our system covers all kinds of needs. Shall we talk?