Brisa Festival

Event Date

July 1 to 3, 2022

What was the event about?

Improving the experience with Bracelit

Our Bracelit system was completely adapted to the Brisa Festival. On this occasion, we performed access control and cashless payments. This event had four types of tickets with fully customized wristbands for each day of the event and subscribers. In addition, the venue had different areas, and depending on the wristband you had, attendees had access to one area or another.

By having different types of tickets, this added a level of complexity to the access control. Bracelit, once again, adapted completely to the needs that this event required. Inside each wristband, although you can also differentiate which venue each one corresponds to by its color, the NFC chip inside each one of them allowed or not to enter the venue corresponding to each attendee.

Luckily, this was easy to do with our system through the PDAs we offer for each event. The process is very simple, when the attendee attended the festival the ticket was first scanned with a laser PDA to verify the entry. Then, depending on the type of ticket, each attendee was given a wristband and the corresponding access to the venues was recharged on that same wristband, depending on the ticket. This allowed the festival to have live control of the capacity, simultaneously.

Finally, and most importantly, the cashless payment service has been implemented at the bars. Our cashless system streamlines bar orders, since the bartenders do not have to charge with credit cards or cash. It is so simple, they only have to pass the wristband behind the PDA, which has an NFC reader, and select the product the attendant wants and collect the payment.

Attendees can recharge their wristband directly from their cell phone or at different points that the festival will make available. In this way, queues will be avoided, as there is a speeding up of all payments.

In conclusion

Brisa Festival joined the technological revolution with our Bracelit system, through access and command management. Keeping control of tickets at festivals is much easier with our system because it allows to load different types of accesses on the wristbands.

To make payments and consume the more than 10,000 attendees only have to read a QR, select the products of the menu they want and pay them in minutes, by bizum or card.

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