Tomavistas by Mahou San Miguel

Tomavistas by Mahou – San Miguel is a Spanish business group headquartered in Madrid with a second headquarters in Malaga. The company distributes three main beer brands: Mahou, San Miguel and Alhambra. It is the largest Spanish beer producer, and holds 70% of the exported Spanish beer market. Mahou – San Miguel is present in more than 70 countries and had more than 3,200 employees in 2017.

Event Date

May 19-21, 2022

What was the event about?

The Tomavistas festival in Madrid consists of a series of concerts that supports national groups betting on the opening of new musical styles and support for emerging bands. Pop, Rock and electronic music are part of the musical spectrum that marks the programming that takes place with concerts throughout the fall, winter and spring in venues in Madrid.

Improving the experience with Bracelit

In this Festival, all orders and orders have been managed by making online payments, eliminating the movement of attendees and crowds at the bar. Attendees scan a QR code from their seat, select the products they want and pay for them on the spot. Avoiding having to go to the bar or the movement of the waiters. This method increases profits of the festival, as it speeds up the orders and allows Mahou, official sponsor, to know live the consumption of the attendees according to their gender, age, type of product, etc.

In conclusion

At the Tomavistas festival in Madrid, all orders and orders were managed through online payments, eliminating the movement of more than 9,000 attendees. Users were able to order and pay for their drinks from the comfort of their seats. With Bracelit, digitizing events is very easy!

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