Vesu Oviedo

Vesu Oviedo Event date

July 1 to 3, 2022

What was the event about?

Improving the experience with Bracelit

In this Festival, our system was adapted to the specific needs of the event. On this occasion, we made cashless payments. This event featured fully customized wristbands. Bracelit delivered more than 2,000 fully customized wristbands for the big event. The wristbands contained pre-loaded vouchers to redeem during the event. One peculiarity was that every night the system deleted the drinks of that day. The next day, the account was started again. This allowed the manager to know exactly how much had been consumed specifically per day.

The cashless payment service at the bars works as follows. Our cashless system streamlines ordering at the bar, as bartenders do not have to charge credit cards or cash. It is so simple, they only have to pass the wristband behind the PDA, which has an NFC reader and select the product the attendant wants and collect the payment.

In conclusion

Our Bracelit system arrived at Vesu Oviedo to digitize the experience of more than 2,000 users. Personalized wristbands with pre-loaded vouchers together with the option to know the amount of vouchers sold per day made the experience faster and users avoided queues. Life without queues is the best life!

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