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Any Batman fans in the room? We have great news for you: Bracelit is now in Gotham city with a Spoiler Alert. After Ben Afleck gets off the wagon, someone else takes over, an actor who has received lots of criticism, and is well-known: the famous vampire, who now becomes a bat, Robert Pattinson. And let’s not forget the stunning Zoe Kravitz, who plays Cat Woman.

After so long Batman arrives in Spain with Bracelit, the best technology for all kind of events, and as we said “Spoiler Alert”. This means that you can stay until the end, if you want to be the first to find out some of the latest news about “The Batman”.

“Bracelit arrives to Gotham city “Spoiler Alert” On February 28th, the Premiere of the movie took place at the Capitol Cinemas, Madrid, where artists such as María Fernández Rubíes, Marcelo accompanied by his wife and son, Silma López who we all know as “Lola” in the series “Valeria“, Lola Indigo and many more attended.

Don’t worry, if you’re a fan of the bat-man, the movie will be released on March 4th.

Once again, Warner has left us stunned in the presentation of the film, thank you Warner, for knowing how to give a totally unexpected twist.

These events require a series of interesting needs, coordination and organization. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Premiere Needs

Warner was looking for an agile and creative team with which to carry out this event, able to be versatile in each phase of it. And the entire Bracelit team has been up to the task, effectively developing every need that this highly anticipated event deserves.

Premiere de Batman Cines Capitol

Services offered by the Bracelit team:

What we always emphasize about us, not to brag, is the great ability to adapt to the needs and setting of each of our clients.

The services we have performed in this event have been:

  • Invitation Customization:

    The invitations were sent via email, with a personalized Batman design. Once accepted or not, if that person accepts the invitation, a customized personal invitation is automatically generated with their name and the premiere design.

  • Invitation acceptance tracking: Control how many people are going to attend this great event, it is quite useful data to know more or less the capacity and know the confirmation of attendance.
  • Personalization of invitations: The invitations have been sent via email, with a personalized Batman design.
  • Access control: We had already given you a clue on instagram, but in case you haven’t guessed it… our Bracelit system will allow you to control the access of the different guests to the event, through the personalized tickets.
  • Capacity control: through the management panel that the organizer will have access to, he will be able to know in real time how capacity is increasing.

“This city has just shown that it is full of people willing to believe in good” Do you have a project?

Contact through or write us an email to [email protected] we are ready for the next event.

The Batman premiere