The future of music festival’s, concerts, or any other crowded event after the pandemic is to go cashless. This is for commodity and safety reasons. Wegow Technologies S.L. and Bracelit have come together to create the best live music platform and be pioneers when it comes to music event management.

Wegow and Bracelit will offer, in one platform, all the technology needed for management, promos and music event management. These are the services offered:

  • Live music network: 3M registered users, 4.5M monthly visits, and an average of 85K music events published with presence in 21 different countries.

  • Social Ticketing: more than 2M tickets sold in the last two years.
  • Marketing and Communication for the event and artists promotion
  • Transportation, lodging, and merchandising as additional services to their users.
  • Access control to events
  • Cashless options in festivals and concerts
  • Real-time data

Bracelit is the digital platform for events that facilitates consumption through their electronic bracelet with contactless technology: in it you’ll find entrance tickets to the event and your balance to pay for services (consumption, food, merchandising…) through a virtual wallet. Also, it allows the event organizer to manage in real time all the transactions of the attendees and the human and material resources of the event, while communicating with employees and assistants through push notifications.

Recognized as one of the best Andalucian startups in the last couple of years, Bracelit has worked with renowned brands like Cartier, Cupra, El Corte Inglés, Beefeater and Mahou, offering them a great variety of solutions. These solutions have let them improve their clients’ experience, have greater control over human and material resources and make better decisions for their business or live event.

Apart from merging with Wegow services like their cashless system and entrance control, Bracelit will continue as an independent company in other industries, offering services and solutions to clients seeking to manage venues, and/or event organization such as sports, corporate, fairs, and conventions.


At a corporate level, this new stage has also meant a change of image for Bracelit, transmitting its new company philosophy together with Wegow. Bracelit has a new website (, logo and updated social networks.