Technology is a tool that will comprehensively help address the COVID-19 crisis. First and foremost, digitalization plans will be able to save and speed up the performance of many businesses. In particular, we know that the hospitality sector is one of the hardest hit. This great inactivity is shaking all types of businesses and we are facing an uncertain future. The prospects for recovery are not very optimistic, but we still have hope in the digital world. Digitalization plans are here to stay and will help save the hospitality industry.

As Valero Marín, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Repsol, has rightly said: “If this crisis and the way of working that it has forced us to do have demonstrated anything, it is that digitalization makes perfect sense, because it provides flexibility, agility and efficiency”.

Faced with this situation of uncertainty, questions arise such as: what is the main objective? How can we help to incentivize purchases to save the hotel industry? How can we control access to comply with the measures?

Bracelit’s main objective is to reactivate the tourism industry. To do this, it aims to encourage consumption through the services we offer, reinventing our platform to allow companies to obtain a new channel through which they can attract and retain their customers.

In these times of pandemic, avoiding contact is one of the main reasons to stop the spread of the virus. Therefore, from Bracelit we offer our own digital system in order to help improve purchases, without any contact or exchange of money or tickets.

Our Advantages:

The advantages we offer are the following:

  • An increase in your revenue, as contactless payment systems increase consumption by up to 25%.
  • Access control: Facing the government measures nowadays is a challenge. You will be able to supervise the capacity in real time in any enclosure, even by hours.
  • No contact: Our system allows you to have totally zero contact when consuming, attending an event, even keeping a record of employees and consumers.
  • Increase the security of your customers: With the control system it can be controlled at all times, as they will carry all their personal data and preferences, this allows you to increase customer monitoring and keep a personalized control of it such as allergies or products preferred by the customer.
  • Real-time management panel: All business activity can be consulted live with any smartphone. This allows you to improve instant decision making based on real data.
Leyendo nuestra wearable

Our cashless system makes shopping easier and even more fun, and our wristbands, cards and keyrings are fully customizable for each type of business.

We contribute our grain of sand to encourage purchases and comply with anti covid measures to save the hospitality industry.

Our main objective is to ensure that the expenditure generated by customers is an investment, and that the return is positive.

Our entire team is at your disposal to answer all your questions, you can contact us through our email: [email protected] through our website

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