Sell more on Christmas with this technology. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Families get together and friends meet at different Christmas events. Consumption and sales increase is not only for stores. Leisure venues, bars, restaurants and others prepare themselves ahead of time for the festivities, where they expect to increase their customer base. Although these places seem a bit traditional, the truth is that technology can be their “Christmas magic” to help them increase sales.

Hotels and party venues need many resources to guarantee their maintainability. Their profitability and survival will depend on their sales success. For this reason, at Christmas it is very important to give that needed push to any of these businesses. Clients tend to consume more during the holidays. But, although it may seem easy to increase income during this time of the year, expenses also increase proportionally. It is very important to have efficient resource management while offering the best service to our customers.

A unique  attractive 

Christmas promos, business dinners, dances and parties are some activities businesses celebrate to attract clientele. But, can something else be offered? It is possible to do so: adapt to changes and make use of new technologies to amaze your clients. Imagine an intelligent device with a personalized Christmas design with your brand. With it, anyone in your business can consume by just using their smartphone. 


This is possible thanks to NFC technology which is implemented in bracelets or cards. This technology is very attractive to any business. Its electronic chip provides entrance to places, facilitating control and streamlining processes. At the same time it works as a storage for promos and packs that can be redeemed virtually. Can you imagine that?

Customer Loyalty

Success is achieved with clients that fill a place but also with clients that come back. The technology solution for consumption based on NFC bracelets gives an added value that will draw people’s attention. With the possibility of a chip that includes promotions and packs, it motivates consumption and increases customer loyalty.

Technological tools are a profitable way of upgrading businesses and offer a more updated image. First, any party or family/business dinner will be a different experience for consumers. On the other hand, unnecessary waiting will be avoided since access to the event will be done with a quick check-in by placing the bracelet close to the doorman’s device. In the same way, you can repeat this process with payment which will make it faster.

The advantages of this technology are not just for the consumer. Hostel/hotel managers will be able to control key factors such as consumption. They will know which of their products is most popular and in what way they can optimize their stock in high traffic dates. This device will also help with business outreach due to the original business logo being on the bracelet on clients’ wrists.

Take advantage of the time of the year where consumption is possible thanks to this hi-tech tool. If your business needs to improve their numbers and you want to offer your clients an innovative solution so that they can consume more during this period, contact us at [email protected]. You will count with Christmas magic of Bracelit’s NFC bracelets that will increase your sales this Christmas.