Our technology for events and businesses offers the following services:

Cashless Payments

Convenient and secure payments through wearables or QRs that allow for greater management and event information. Ideal system to implement technology in events and businesses.

Access Control

Control access and capacity of your live event or venue online or offline. Verify your attendees. Guarantee security and convenient.

Personalized Ticketing

Customized ticketing solution: self-manage tickets, invitations and registrations easily and securely through Gowtix, our most revolutionary plans and experiences platform.

Click & Collect System

Manage your campaigns, create an offer to extend to your network. Build customer loyalty and maximize the profitability of your event. Measure your results (number of clicks, opens, etc).
Our Devices
Wristbands, cards, QRs and key fobs with NFC technology for any event and business , 100% personalized and water resistant.
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Self-service totem with which the user can register and accredit themselves, as well as recharge their wearable.
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Smartphones for the management of recharges and payments with integrated POS. Payments can be made with cash or card.
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Click & Collect in Soccer Stadiums
20 December 2023
Click & Collect in Soccer Stadiums
Immerse yourself in the soccer stadium experience, where the passion of the fans merges with the intensity of the game. At Bracelit, we've taken the stadium experience to the next level with our innovative Click & Collect system.
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Lead Scanner System
6 December 2023
Lead Scanner System
In the digital age, efficiency in data collection is essential for the success of events and trade shows. Bracelit has a revolutionary functionality: the Lead Scanner.
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Valuable Information on NFC Wristbands
22 November 2023
Valuable Information on NFC Wristbands
Today, NFC wristbands have become an essential element at events of all kinds: from music festivals to conferences and trade shows. Although many associate them primarily with the convenience of not having to carry cash, these wristbands are much more than just virtual wallets.
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They alredy trust us. Do you?
Customer insight #pavilionofdesign. Interactivity for attendees through personalized wristbands at the Cartier exhibition.
VIP experiences. Registration and consumption. Bracelit streamlined all management processes to offer unique experiences to attendees.
Lead scanner, badge management and access control. Bracelit helped improve connectivity among event attendees.
Management and control of activities for employees' children. We help improve organization and management with personalized wristbands.
Digitalization of the event. Union of music and gastronomy, streamlining the payment process, thanks to personalized cashless wristbands.
Advantages for event organizers and attendees, thanks to our management system, it was possible to control access and cash flow.
Real-time control of event attendees. Personalized wristbands with the brand facilitated all access and capacity management.
Management of consumption and automatic accreditations through NFC wristbands. With personalized discounts for VIP attendees.
Travel management. Passenger accreditation and identification system. Check-list by groups, bus, activities and venues.
Personalized NFC cards for access management and to accredit attendees to this corporate event organized by Cupra.
Brand activation through personalized contactless wristbands. Increased CRM through data capture.
Fast payments, thanks to our cashless wristbands, where attendees could recharge their wristband through our personalized webapp.
They alredy trust us. Do you?
Registration and access control to the event. Capacity control in the different talks. We help to a better organization and control.
Cashless payments, access control and personalized vouchers for attendees. Thus, increasing the festival's earnings.
Exponential improvement in event management thanks to the information offered to attendees through our customized webapp.
VIP experiences for players, carrying a meal voucher on the wristband. Recharge of wristbands through the webapp to make cashless payments.
Our system manages reservations of sports venues for clients and the opening of facilities for the reservations made.
Customized software according to your needs. Improved management of the entire park through customizable waterproof NFC wristbands.
Customized ticketing management for the "Tribute" event. Attendance control and registration, streamlining pre-event processes.
Access control and contactless payments were the basis of the festival. Increasing its turnover and exclusivity for attendees.
Playful games for children, through our personalized contactless wristbands they have been able to learn how to manage fake money.
Increased loyalty with personalized vouchers and discounts and increased brand awareness through NFC wristbands.
Easy online recharging through our customized webapp. Improved event management and streamlined payments, thanks to cashless.
Loyalty cards to incentivize the local economy of participating businesses. Community connection and personalized offers.