Additional Services
You can add all the services you want so that your event or business yields the best result.
icon Management Dashboard
Access to a control panel where you can modify any parameter of your event in real time and see all the movements of users and staff.
icon Personal identification
Increases the security of users who will carry all their personal and medical data on the contactless wristband, complying with the GDPR.
icon Push notifications
Send fully segmented notifications. Keep attendees and staff informed. Measure results (number of clicks, openings, etc).
icon Click & collect
Makes it easier for attendees to order and pick up their orders from our self-service totems, reducing queues and improving management.
icon Business intelligence
Get tailored metrics on user behavior and resource usage in real time to facilitate your decision making.
icon Brand activation
Your sponsors will communicate better with attendees, accessing all their information and knowing their behavior.
icon Customer loyalty
Build customer loyalty through our customized branded vouchers and offers.
icon Lead scanner
Attendees will be able to scan other users' wearables, capturing their data and adding comments or ratings.
icon Design
100% customized tickets, wristbands and invitations.
icon Manage offers
Increase your turnover through bonuses, hourly promotions, points, products...etc.
icon Monitor activities
Controls the activities performed by each attendee (e.g., roll call). Measures time, hour and the activity itself.
icon Dataphone payments
Ultra-resistant smartphones with integrated POS for the management of recharges, billing and balance inquiries of wearables.
icon Consultancy
We have 10 years of experience in events. Thanks to the data obtained through our system, we know what works.
icon Support
Relocation of our team of professionals to provide support during the event.
icon Training
Support and training for the optimization of our system, in person or online.
icon Child identification
Anywhere, group and activity management.
icon Virtual key
With mobile phone, key fob or card, integration with our system used by any business or venue.
icon Notification tracking
Measure the impact of your campaigns (number of clicks, openings, etc).
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Additional Services